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Dr Horrible- act II

El Doctor Horrible ya es un ídolo entre las masas de internet, la página cayó en apenas unas horas por exceso de visita, RECORDAMOS QUE EL ACTO II ya está disponible.

Voy a pegar un texto de una página sobre noticias Josh Whedon, yo lo he leído mediante este traductor, por lo que lo copiaré integro en inglés que estos traductores siempre pierden información.


After a day devoted to Fox — where we saw what’s likely to be the best new show for fall from the broadcast networks (Fringe), sat through a surprisingly civil Fox News press conference (featuring Karl Rove) and tried to pry plot points out of largely reluctant representatives for 24 and The Sarah Connor Chronicles — an entertaining jolt arrived from outside the TV press tour umbrella.

It arrived courtesy of Joss Whedon, who today unveils the first of a playful three-part Internet serial called Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. It features original music, as did his classic "Once More with Feeling" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which makes it, more specifically, a serial musical. And it’s wonderful... dr-horrible’s-singalong-blo.jpg

Neil Patrick Harris, whom I’ve seen sing and act very charismatically on Broadway in both Cabaret and Assassins, stars in the title role. His Dr. Horrible is a villain with a mission: to perfect his freeze ray, which can stop time, while winning the heart of a sweet young woman (played by Felicia Day) he knows from the local laundromat.

Yes, even though Dr. Horrible has a minion, he does his own laundry. And answers his own email, which contains annoying challenges from wannabe bad guys even lower on the Evil Totem Pole than he is.

"I’m just trying to change the world, okay?" he whines into the camera, rejecting yet another offer for a villain-on-villain duel. "I don’t have the time for a grudge match with every poser in a parka." dr-horrible-captain-hammer.jpg

The episode, some glorious 14 minutes long, is delivered crisply — looks great, sounds great, and features Nathan Fillion, a Whedon discovery from Firefly, as the hero of the piece, Captain Hammer, who instantly sort of saves the day while also attracting the eye of the bad doctor’s possible paramour. Two more episodes will roll out within the week, and you can watch them all on www.drhorrible.com — and you really, really should.

Meanwhile, to condense the other, less entertaining new stuff that’s circulating:

The new stand-alone 24 event, coming in September, condenses a typical Jack Bauer day into one two-hour telemovie — and the day in question, which involves unrest in Africa, is the day on which the first woman takes office as President of the United States. Why not, since 24 was way ahead of the curve in showing a black man in the Oval Office?

And Fox News executive John Moody defended his network’s ugly doctored caricatures of reporters televised recently by saying the morning show Fox & Friends is "an entertainment show that does some news." And yes, some found the doctored photos offensive, "but that’s the nature of humor." Oh.

Karl Rove, presidential advisor and current Fox News political analyst, talking about defying a subpoena by not appearing before Congress, told reporters, "I have not asserted any personal privilege. This is between the White House and Congress. This is a longstanding battle over the principle of executive privilege and the ability of a President to receive advice from senior advisors, and for those advisors nor to be at the beck and call of Congress for testimony." Oh.

And about the press: "Have you read some of the ugly things they say about me?" Rove asked, referring to The New York Times, which he says he reads every day. "I mean, who cares?... I know who I am. I’m not the myth that I’ve been developed into, and there’s nothing I can do.

"I’m like Grendel in Beowulf." Oh. Wow.""

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Eldemo 17 de julio de 2008, 8:52  

Pequeño detalle en esta nota que nos pones. En Septiembre, la película de 24!! Qué ganas de que vuelva Jack!
Respecto a este Dr. Horrible, a ver si lo veo de una vez, que parece que voy a ser el único que no disfrute de sus maquiavélicos planes!

Ánade 17 de julio de 2008, 9:33  

Anda, si ya está disponible el segundo capítulo! :D Ahora no tengo tiempo de verlo, pero esta tarde cae seguro.

MacGuffin 17 de julio de 2008, 9:43  

Es genial, de verdad, simplemente genial. ¡Queremos una serie completa sólo para el Dr. Horrible! :-)

Sunne 17 de julio de 2008, 10:06  

pues si! queremos saberlo todo sobre él, su pasado sus enemigos, sus planes, sus socios.todo!!!

queremos la serie del Dr. Horrible con 30 minutos por capítulo, con drama y con musical, queremos empaparnos del Doc.

¿alguien sabe abrir una web de esas con votos? jajajja

Wulfgar 17 de julio de 2008, 10:20  

Ni idea pero yo lo votaria.

Cooomo ya he dicho eeesto parece que promete haber el capitulo del sabado sabadete.

Sunne 17 de julio de 2008, 11:06  

llevo toda la mañana con la cancioncilla del Doctor metida en la cabeza. estoy muy mal... :P

Mauro 17 de julio de 2008, 12:10  

Qué buena que es esta serie por favor, el carisma de NPH es irresistible. Estaría muy bien una serie regular estilo Flight of the Conchords.

Crítico en Serie 17 de julio de 2008, 13:35  

Lo de este Dr. Horrible es taaaan freak! La lástima es que tengo una conexión de pena y prefiero verlo en Girona, donde podré admirarlo en toda su profundidad. Por lo menos, curioso debe serlo seguro.

Mexi (ex mi vieja mula ...) 17 de julio de 2008, 15:47  


Cita citable del Dr. : "I'm doctor horrible, i have a PHD in horribilism"


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